Five Reasons Why Painting is Awesome

056/365: I'll paint our love with wild flowersIt is really a shame that art classes are some of the first to go during board of ed budget cuts. More people, especially children, need to be introduced to the world of art. Even if you have had a cranky art teacher or a humiliating art-related experience, or was never quite coordinated enough to fully enjoy drawing, then you need to pick up a paintbrush anyway, and right away. Painting is awesome, and here’s why you need to do it.

  1. Free your ambition. Buy cheap paints at a dollar store or discount art supply store, some large paper, and some brushes, and you can paint without the fear of “wasting paint.” Most high quality paints are worth the price for their quality, but when you are new to painting you will be scared stiff to even open the tube or touch a brush. Let your mind flow freely with the freedom of cheap paint.
  2. Painting is like meditating. Paint with no end goal in mind, and no other thoughts in your head. Focus entirely on the act of painting. Even paint with your fingers to feel the slightly cold product on your skin, smoothing and blending different colors.  Notice how different techniques give you different results, and how different color palettes make you feel. Become one with the paintbrush.
  3. Painting is cheap therapy. Art therapists exist for a reason – because art is therapy. The state of art-making produces a calming effect in the body, and allows you to stop the inner perfectionist or other negative voices in your head. It also allows you to work unconsciously on your problems, giving your mind a break.
  4. Hey, maybe you’ll love it. Being a fan of art of all kinds, I can’t imagine why people claim to hate drawing or painting. Once you open up your mind and give it a try, you might even find a new passion you would have never picked up on your own. so just try it. You might even be better than you thought.
  5. Painting is fun. This isn’t a college level arts class. You’re not receiving a grade for this, and there are no scary in-class critiques or portfolio reviews. You’re in your room or outside, painting with no regard for the end product. It is okay to make mistakes, and to laugh at the silliness of a grown person finger-painting, for example. Soon you’ll forget about whatever’s been stressing you all day, and start to smile, and relax. Maybe even grab a glass of wine or can of beer, and put on some music until suddenly…you’re having fun. OMG.
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