Say Yes to This Movie

yes man - say yes to lifeI really love the movie Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel. It’s really funny with a great, inspiring message, which is the best way to receive such inspiration, because it means you’ll remember it easier. The basic premise without spoiling anything is this: a guy is challenged to stop saying no and start saying yes to everything in his life. I highly recommend watching the movie for the full effect, but I’ve listed some things I’ve learned from watching Yes Man.

See the trailer. Buy on amazon. Or rent on Redbox.

When you Say No, You Miss Out On Life.
I tend to ignore many phone calls. Most of them are bill collectors, but sometimes I like being alone (in my misery). I’ve learned that even if it pains my inner introvert self, I have to pick up the phone and hang out with my friends. Being social helps lessen the depression, and it is nearly impossible to not have fun when you see your friends.

Turning down invitations to places is another thing to stop saying no to, because you’ll never know what happens. Start accepting some invitations to parties and such, and you’ll find that you enjoy socializing and that it is less of an anxiety-ridden affair than you would have thought. It is also a great chance to meet new people and network, which can come in handy when you need a job.

Say Yes, And Wild Things Will Happen – But Go Along For the Ride. 

As soon as Carl started saying yes in his life, things got a little weird (and funny). At first the situation looked very bad, and Carl was angry and thought the entire thing was stupid. But suddenly, fate ended up having something more in store for him in the long run. You have to hold on a bit and delay that instant gratification to see what the positive part of saying yes was supposed to materialize into. By saying yes, Carl eventually meets a love interest and gets promoted – after being a shut-in,divorced, and stuck at the same dead-end job for years.

Don’t Say Yes Without Meaning To, But you Might Have to Fake it Til you Make it.

When Carl first meets the challenge, he blindly says yes to everything – even on an ad for! Later on he realizes that he has to mean what he says, especially if he’s saying yes to something. And he also has to realize that its perfectly okay to say no to things you really don’t want to do. Faking it til you make it is a good practice however, to changing an aspect of yourself you do not like – imitating a role model, for example. Pretty soon though you’ll figure out how to do it in your own style and fit the things you’ve learned into your life.

Saying Yes Brings a Ton of Fun!

The movie was a blast to see because it shows how much opportunity there is everywhere – volunteering at soup kitchens, learning new languages, going bungee jumping, learning how to play the guitar, etc! The movie also shows how these things are advantageous to learn – it will benefit your life in one way or another! So get out there and see what’s available for YOU to say YES to in life!

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