Learn to Type Faster and Stand Out to Employers

One of the best ways to appear useful to employers is to increase your typing skills, so here are some fun resources online to learn touch typing (typing without looking at the keyboard to find the keys) and to increase your speed.

Go to this site (sense-lang.org) and take their typing test. This is your starting point. Write down your words per minute (wpm) and note your percentage of accuracy. I have a fairly quick typing speed (around 70-80%) and a nearly perfect accuracy (95-100%). this means I type fast and with little mistakes, making my typing very efficient for writing and desk jobs. If you want to get to my level, then you have to first find out what your starting point is – so take that test. Also, you’ll want to define what your goals are — do you want to be extremely fast? Do you want always 100% accuracy? Or a good mix of both? I don’t mind having lower accuracy for the speed because I back up my mistakes as fast as I can type them – so it doesn’t really slow me down.

Next, begin practicing as much as you can. Try doing it everyday for 10-30 minutes. It is better to do it everyday for 10 minute than once a week for an hour, because it is daily habits that work best for increasing a certain skill. Try these websites for fun games and lessons:

Do this for at least a month, then retake the test. See how much you improved!
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