Epic Blizzard: Epic GSD Weekend


Snow storm Nemo’s aftermath: 30-40 inches in most places in CT.

So I live in New England, which means my state got completely buried in 2-3 feet of snow with snow storm Nemo. I mean literally buried. So since I lost hours at my part time job, I decided that this was a fantastic time to GSD this weekend. I spend the past two days cleaning the entire apartment and finishing work on Fiverr. I caught up on reading and note-taking for all of my classes. I also decided that I wanted to learn more about copywriting skills, so I bought some Kindle books to read now and bought some paperback ones for later, whenever the roads are cleared and life slowly resumes back to normal.

It’s also a great time to force myself to eat whatever’s been hanging out in the fridge and pantry without resorting to buying takeout. But, that also means a lot of pasta.

School is already cancelled for tomorrow, and I already missed two days of work this weekend. But I have a few more gigs on Fiverr that I can complete today, so I’m at least still making money.

I truly feel a lot better when my work space is clean and organized. Since I live in a small space, that means my bedroom. I literally could not focus in a dirty, cluttered room. Now that everything is clean and put away, and the floors are swept, I feel like I can think more clearly. Funny how that works.

I think my agenda for today is to mostly read some of the kindle books I bought on my PC and also do some more studying since one of my classes has a test in a week and a half. And eat more pasta.


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