2014: My Blueprint

i love making goals that will inspire me to improve myself in many ways: small ways, big ones, or just making the day less stressful. i have thought about how i want 2014 to be for me personally, spiritually, and professionally.

many people feel like the first day of a new year brings a clean slate, but it doesn’t. you’re still you, with all your quirks and vices and goals and hopes and dreams. but as the calendar starts over we as a society will find ourselves remembering the old year and welcoming the new.

i like to think of this as a blueprint. it entails not only the classic goals (quantifiable dreams with a deadline) but also the kinds of things i want to focus on during my days in the new year. who i want to hang out with more, who i want to meet, what i want to focus on. all of these things are based on a single word that i feel summarizes the new year for me: CREATE.

i want my life to be more creative. i want to cook more. learn new recipes, try new things. master the classics. learn from the masters. i want to paint more often. i miss painting and drawing and sketching. and poetry. god, i miss poetry. and my novels. sitting on my laptop in a little file, thousands of words waiting to be finished, edited, shown to the world. i still have dreams of seeing my name on a cover of a book, to be an author. i love my job, but i want to see what else is out there. what new jobs, new positions can i learn in 2014? what promotions will i get? what twists and turns will i make on my way to my ultimate dream career? what will i learn in 2014? i want to read and watch so much. i want a house. i want to create the foundation for my future by saving money, making my body healthier (to create future children). yes.

i can’t see my life as happy without the ability to create. thus, my 2014 word is CREATE.

what is your 2014 word?

you can choose anything. focus. abundance. calm. health. growth. but make sure your goals all align with your word.

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