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Wake Up With a Smile and a Mantra Everyday

SmileMost people wake up in a fog (or hungover) and groan as they pick themselves up from their bed, peel off that oh-so-comfortable comforter blanket and shuffle their way to the coffee-maker. What is the first thought that goes into your head when you wake up?

Mine is: I am healthy, happy, and strong. I will work on my goals today and be productive.

Not quite what you’d expect, right? It wasn’t always that way. I used to hate waking up, wanting to hide under the covers all day rather than risk wasting the day hating myself and my life. I would immediately turn on the train wreck of negative thoughts and worry about what I had to do that day, and how I’ll probably find some way to mess it up or that I won’t have time to do it all, or that I will somehow waste the day.

It took me a long time to realize that when I wake up thinking negative thoughts, they just snowball into a huge boulder on my chest, preventing me from going after what I really wanted for my life. And when I am thinking negative thoughts, it becomes nearly impossible to think of positive ones.

So I started to try out this positive mantra of how I see myself wanting to be: strong, healthy, and most of all, happy. People don’t just wake up and suddenly become happy. But you can change your cognitive thinking to more positive thoughts, and it will be easier to learn to be happy.

Yes, you can learn to be happy.

Being happy isn’t a goal. It’s not a place you get to and then start living the good life. It’s not an endpoint. It’s the journey. It’s the attitude. It’s a feeling. The easiest way to tell if someone is happy is by their facial expression: what is the universal symbol for happiness? A smile. So start your day with a smile (and breakfast), and you will start waking up a lot easier without negative thoughts.

When you smile, instantly think of a positive mantra. You can use mine, or you can think about your favorite inspiring quote. Flash an image that makes you happy — your kids, your boyfriend, a friend that makes you laugh, flowers, you meeting an important goal, anything — every morning. Having trouble thinking of a positive mantra? Need some ideas? Download this pdf file of great ones.

Soon it will be automatic, and you will begin to face each morning as a new day to conquer your goals, not as just another day to get through and get it over with.

Every day is a new chance to do something important for the rest of your life. 

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Are You Happy? No? Then Change Something


I found this awesome infograph and it inspired me to write a brief post. The graph asks, Are you happy? If no, then change something. If yes, then keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re not happy, but don’t want to be happy, you can also keep doing what you’ve been doing. I think this illustrates very clearly that you are responsible for your own happiness, and that change begins with an awareness of the need to do something about it.

You’re not going to wait around and become happy. You’ve got to put a little work into it, and deserve that happiness. So how to do this?

Step One: Change your Attitude.

Happiness is an emotion, just like the hundreds of other emotions we have the ability to feel and comprehend and put into thousands of words. Instead of thinking negative thoughts, think positive ones. Instead of being upset about something, think of something that you can be happy about. Even if it’s, “Well, I could be dying or dead.” Because some people are dying or dead. You still have an entire life to live, so don’t waste it.

Step Two: Realize that Change is Possible.

You’ve also got to seriously believe that you can change your life. It is YOUR life, and although there are some things we cannot change (the economy, the climate), there are lots of things that you can change. This is called your locus of control. What things inside your locus of control can you change? You, your relationships, your job, your education, your location, your inner thought processes, your behavior and your actions.

Step Three: Decide What Your Goals Are.

You cannot start on a road trip without knowing where to go, can you? Sure, you can just kind of jump in the car and go, but you’ve got to at least know where the highway is, which direction you feel like going in, and where your keys are (damn!). Write down what it is you’d like to change about your life (see If Your Life Sucks, Do Something About It), and why. Then figure out how you’re going to do just that…

Step Four: Make Action Steps and DO IT

You can’t be WINNING if you’re not even trying. So once you figure out what your goals are, then you have to figure out exactly how you’re going to do it. This can take a bit of research, but it’s totally worth it, especially if you want to avoid wasting time (and probably money) through trial and error. These are action steps – your to-do list from here on out. But just writing it down isn’t enough, you have to do it. You can’t change your life without actually changing anything, duh. So don’t look stupid (even to yourself) by not following through. Don’t you care about your own life, and think you’re worthy of being kept a promise? Then don’t break your own promises to yourself.

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